Poem for my sons

The Singing

(Patrick Phillips)

I can hear her through
the thin wall, singing,
up before the sun:
two notes, a kind
of hushed half-breathing,
each time the baby
makes that little moan—

can hear her trying
not to sing, then singing
anyway, a thing so old
it might as well
be Hittite or Minoan,

and so soft no one
would ever guess
that I myself once
sang that very song:

back when my son
and then his brother
used to cry all night
or half the morning,
though nothing in all
the world was wrong.

And now how strange:
to be the man from next door,
listening, as the baby cries
then quiets, cries and quiets
each time she sings
their secret song,

that would sound the same ten
thousand years ago,
and has no
meaning but to calm.

About Possibility

Imagine what I can do.

Imagine what I can do if I wasn’t scared, insecure, and afraid of EVERYTHING.

Imagine what I can do if I didn’t think I was dumb, stupid, or slow.

Imagine what I can do if self-sabotaging commentaries stopped running in the back of my head.

Imagine what I can do if I wasn’t ashamed of what I did today or what happened in the past.

Imagine what I can do if I thought about myself as confident, capable, and talented.


I could do anything. Oh, the possibilities!

I can do anything.


Being still and present in the moment are a gift. Sometimes I am caught off-guard and a channel opens up for inspiration to come through. For a given second I have so much clarity. In this case, I experienced the potential of who I can be and what I can do for just a short moment. If I believed it for a second then it must be possible to believe it for longer time – a minute, five minutes, an hour, 24 hours, a week, a month, a year! This is such a thoughtful way to break it down and perhaps I can take advantage of those moments that I believe in myself and begin creating. All of sudden I believe my dreams are possible.

Unreal Chocolate Candies

Now that I have kids I look for fun and clean snacks all of the time. Who am I kidding, I also love snacking but I prefer eating something with a short ingredients list. During a Halloween event in our previous neighborhood, Whole Foods was passing out kids’ snacks. They passed out organic gummy candies, Annie’s pretzels, and Unreal chocolate which are a healthier version of M&M’s. I was intrigued with these chocolate candies because I love how fun M&M’s are with their colors and flavor combinations. I love having a clear glass jar full of M&M candies for display (and consumption) at work. I don’t ever buy them for home though. However, since Whole Foods gave us samples of the Unreal chocolate candies I’m now hooked. The candy shells are colored by vegetables, chocolate and sugar are organic, and all of the ingredients are non-GMO verified. More importantly a lot of the ingredients are fair-trade which means that the producers of the ingredients are fairly compensated for their work. Do you ever think about where our food comes from? Who grows it? Now that is a topic that I would like to write about.

Unreal Milk Chocolate Candies

I have tried two of their products:  Unreal Candy Coated Milk Chocolates and Unreal Dark Chocolate Quinoa Gems. I love the Candy Coated Milk Chocolates! They are so good and of course should only be eaten in moderation. There are 17 grams of sugar for 40 candy pieces. I did not like the Quinoa Gems so I will try some of the other varieties. Recently I have found Unreal candy products at Target and Giant (grocery store in MD/DC). Btw, this is not an ad for this company! I just simply appreciate that someone has thought about using better ingredients for candies.

I will definitely have this as a snack option when my kids are interested in chocolate. If you have kids, at what age did you allow them to eat chocolate? Do you think its worth looking for snacks with good, quality ingredients? So far my oldest child has not shown interest which means more for me. 🙂

My first blog post

There are a lot of  things in my life that continuously tug at me similar to how a small child tugs your hand when they want attention. Sometimes those things leave for a while and then comes back again asking to be fulfilled. A few years have passed and that familiar voice has returned. Write about anything, see where it leads you. Just start.

I realized that my writing doesn’t have to be great but it just has to be done. Therefore, this blog is a space to allow myself to experiment with writing about thoughts and ideas that come to me. So here I am showing up for what my inner voice is calling me to do and to not take it seriously!

“I don’t know what I think until I write about it.” -Joan Didion